Human Genes - Drugs - Pathways Knowledgebase

This is the system of web interfaces to the Human Gene - Drug - Pathway knowledgebase combined from well-known bioinformatics repositories.

  1. Pathways and Biological processes
  2. Gene expression profiles
  3. Protein physical interaction information from databases publicly available: BIND, HPRD, BioGRID and IntAct is also integrated for setting up a Knowledge Base on (1) a generally agreed-upon list of molecules; (2) a consensus global molecular interaction network; and (3) a collection of curated pathways for known biological processes.

The database last update is reported here. Please contact Thanh Le for any concern or issue regarding the following research topics of the website.
  • Biological data retrieval
  • Development of data analysis methods
  • Development of computational web model
  • Implementation of the web model and data analysis methods